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April 2014



Pro-Russians Enjoy Defeat of Ukraine Kiev Troops

Kiev government troops are no match for the pro-Russian militants. There's a big question will the Ukrainian government ever attempt to confront the invaders from the east again.  Gunshots were fired throughout the day but there were no signs of any wounded.  If the shooting was intended to scare off the Russian side, it was nothing more than an embarrassing collapse of a rag-tag group facing a well-trained professional army.  At the end of the day, 21 armored vehicles began pulling back.  Slovyansk is a town of Ukraines strongly in favor of leaving the Kiev government.  "Things ... << MORE >>

Monsanto "Supersizes" Problems

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Vermont Bucks GMO Maker Monsanto

The Monsanto "law" army must be racing to Vermont tonight.  The Vermont Senate voted 28 to 2 for mandatory GMO labeling.  The bill now goes back to the House of Representatives to consider some senate modifications of the original house-passed bill.  Remember, neighboring New Hampshire passed a GMO labeling bill 2 years ago.  But the governor was afraid to sign it after Monsanto lawyers threatened, "You do that and we will sue every adult in your state of New Hampshire."  The governor believed the Monsanto threat and was literally afraid to sign the bill into law.  Again, ... << MORE >>

End Monsanto's Threats to American Farmers

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Asia Air Pollution Blamed for Storms in U.S. N.W.

Air pollution from Asia appears to intensify winter storms in the northwestern Pacific. In turn, these strengthened storms pull warmer air toward the Arctic and may influence the jet stream in winter, according to a new study.

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Electronic Cigarettes Cause Cancer in Human Cells


A laboratory study presented early this year reported that the nicotine-laced vapor generated by an electronic cigarette promoted the development of cancer in certain types of human cells much in the same way that tobacco smoke does.

Researchers involved in the little-noticed study emphasized that their findings were preliminary and that the study did not involve people but specially treated human lung cells. Many researchers have expressed the belief that e-cigarettes pose ...

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Pro-Russians and Ukrainian Troops Clash in East

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine — The Ukrainian military stormed an airport 25 miles north of this eastern city on Tuesday, beginning what the president called a military operation to confront pro-Russian militants in the eastern part of the country.

A column of armored personnel carriers flying the Ukrainian flag entered the airport late in the afternoon, local reporters there said . The convoy was met by a crowd that the soldiers tried to ...

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Envy Those Corporate Loopholes on Tax Day


By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN APRIL 14, 2014, 9:08 PM 38 Comments


It’s Tax Day.

That means accountants across the country are working furiously to meet the midnight deadline for submitting individual returns.


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Snowden Journalists back in US Where Arrest is Real

The journalists had been threatened, cajoled and condemned by the British and American governments. Their work together had set off a hunt for their source and a debate on both sides of the Atlantic about government surveillance.

But they had never met — until Friday.

That was when Glenn Greenwald, the journalist, lawyer and civil liberties crusader, and Alan Rusbridger, the editor ...

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Convert to Islam or Die say the U.K. Mullahs

This is an example of the problem with radical Islamic Mullahs and why we need to eliminate their influence on the young Muslims.  When will the west understand that the radical Muslims have only two goals in life: 1. convert everyone to Islam or 2. Kill all those who resist.
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